Cliffdale Site Live Services Producer


Purpose of the Job

The Cliffdale Site Live Services Producer is responsible for the oversight and coordination of all production details that lead up to an event as well as the production of that event at our Cliffdale Site.


Weekly Responsibilities:

  • Leading/building/training the production SERVE team for the Cliffdale site
  • Training includes multi-platform switcher, camera operation, ProPresenter, lighting, and teleprompter
  • Train new prospective team members
  • Producing on Thursday and Sunday at Cliffdale Site
  • Cliffdale Site specific Clean-up/Organizing
  • Building/maintaining a full inventory of all production assets at Cliffdale
  • Editing and Proofing Thursday content on Friday
  • Distributing Thursday content to Micro-Sites and Multi-Sites
  • Supporting Cliffdale Site events (Funerals, Small group support, etc.)
  • Managing interns as a track co-leader
  • Filling out requisition forms (breaking down taxes) for your purchases
  • Distributing sermon notes to Teaching Team and to Planning Center
  • Proofing all video content created by the Creative Department before distribution to sites
  • Proofing all graphics created by the Graphic Designer
  • Creating nameplate files for site hosts and speakers (as needed)
  • Proofing lower third sermon files with Creative Coordinator
  • Utilizing Google Spreadsheets in planning out PCO scheduling a month out for all sites
  • Managing the Planning Center Online schedule weekly for all sites
  • Building out service shells in PCO for Creative Coordinator
    • Building, organizing, inputting details in timelines for Special Events (Easter, ROC, etc.)
    • Managing the Service Files folder within the production server
  • Managing the shared Dropbox Folders with Multi-Sites, Micro-Sites, and City Sites
  •  Provides the sites with the files they need for a worship experience
  • Producing the 4pm rehearsal on Thursdays
  • Leading the Production and Post-Production Meetings on Thursdays
  • Ensuring Paylocity is up to date
  • This includes recording your own hours (if applicable), approving your shifts by the 5th and 20th of each month, and requesting leave in a timely manner.
  • Returning all communications within 24 hours (1 business day)


  1. Required Meetings
  • Staff Chapel
  • All Staff Gathering
  • Service Production Meetings
  • Creative Team Meetings


    2. Key Software Requirements

  • Google Mail/Apps/Docs
  • Dropbox
  • Zoom
  • Asana
  • Mac OS
  • IOS
  • ProPresenter 7
  • Planning Center Online
  • Adobe Premiere Pro/Final Cut
  • Splashtop Remote Access (can learn on site)
  • Yamaha TF Editor (can learn on site)
  • Black Magic ATEM Control Software (can learn on site)
  • Black Magic Broadcast URSA Cameras (can learn on site)
  • Black Magic Pocket 6k Cameras (can learn on site)
  • Black Magic Micro Studio Mini Cameras (can learn on site)

Job Details