Human Resources Administrative Assistant


The Human Resources Administrative Assistant is responsible for assisting the Human Resources Director in the administration and functions of all HR functions including recruiting, hiring, payroll, benefits and employee relations.


Manna Church exists to glorify God by equipping His people to change their world.  As a Manna Staff member you are to assist in this vision by embodying the values and culture of Manna Church, by engaging within the local church, tithing,  living a lifestyle consist with our bylaws, and by modeling SERVESee and Shape the Future, Engage and Develop Others, Reinvent Continually, Value Results and Relationships, and Embody the Values.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities

  • Field phone calls for the Human Resources Director
  • Assist Human Resources Director with assigned task that they will give
  • Return all communications within 24 hours (1 business day)
  • Ensure Paylocity is up to date
    • This includes recording your own hours (if applicable), approving your shifts by the 5th and 20th of each month, and requesting leave in a timely manner
  • Schedule and manage calendar for Human Resource Director
  • Maintain, prepare, and submit receipts and requisitions for credit card purchases for the HR Director
  • Prepare monthly credit card reconciliation for the Medical credit card
  • Request and reconcile cash advances.
  • Submitting requisitions for checks.
  • Assist with Managing Paylocity
    • Preparation for Payroll and processing
    • Adding new employees
    • Updating employee information
    • Managing leave allowances
    • Managing holidays
  • Assist with paying all medical and dental bills submitted by employees
  • Keep up to date dental spreadsheets for each employee
  • Assist with benefits administration
    • Health
    • Dental
    • Disability
    • 403(b) (in conjunction with Finance Manager)
  • Assist with Job Description upkeep
  • Assist with onboarding staff new hires as directed
    • Payroll paperwork
    • Payroll taxes
    • NC New Hire paperwork
    • Employee orientation
    • General Training
    • Job Specific training
    • Job Description accuracy
    • 90 day review
  • Assist with Employee Out Processing as directed
    • Paperwork
    • Exit Interviews
  • Assist with Employee Training and Enrichment Programs as directed
    • Set up and scheduling
    • Implementing learning opportunities
  • Maintaining Federal Law and Compliance Notices and Updates
  • Maintaining Employee Record Keeping and Set-up of Employee Files
  • Maintaining Files which include scanning into appropriate programs
  • Create spreadsheets and documents as directed
  • Assist in planning farewells (card, gifts, etc.) This applies to employees who have been on staff for at least 90 days.

Key software requirements:

  • Google Mail/Apps/Docs
  • Paylocity
  • Asana
  • MS Office
  • Dropbox
  • Allworx Phone and System
  • Rubex
  • eFile
  • Navigator

Job Details