Manna Dream Center Shelter Operations Assistant Fill-In


The Manna Dream Center Shelter Operations Assistant Fill-In is responsible for the operation of the shelter overnight operation to include intake, activities and closeout in the morning when one of the regular employees are out.


  • Be familiar with the policies and procedures of the Manna Dream Center Shelter as a ministry of the Dream Center and an important service to our community
  • Administer the intake of overnight guests, maintain an atmosphere with good order consistent with a ministry atmosphere and maintain records IAW policies
  • Be capable of staying overnight for assigned 12-hour shifts
  • Oversee the conduct of activities such as laundry, showers, and maintenance tasks by those staying at the shelter
  • Coordinate with the shelter admin assistant to order supplies and for other items such as maintenance requests
  • Oversee the provision of an evening and morning snack
  • Supervise any Serve Team members assisting with the shelter
  • Other duties as assigned

This position is for men only.

Job Details