Mission & Outreach Administrative Assistant


The Mission and Outreach Administrative Assistant is responsible for working with Mission & Outreach Director for planning, organizing, and execution, for yearly centrally-driven outreaches (examples Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and SERVE days.  Also will assist with the administrative operations of Short Term Mission Operations.


General Responsibilities

The Manna Church exists to glorify God by equipping His people to change their world.  As a Manna Church Staff member you are to assist in this vision by embodying the values and culture of Manna Church, by engaging within the local church, tithing, living a lifestyle consist with our bylaws, and by modeling SERVE – See and Shape the Future, Engage and Develop Others, Reinvent Continually, Value Results and Relationships, and Embody the Values.


Part Time: 28 Hours – $9.25 Hourly Rate

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Work with the Cliffdale Outreach Director for planning, organizing, and execution of the Cliffdale Outreaches.
  • Maintain, prepare, and submit receipts and requisitions for credit card purchases for both the Mission and Outreach Director.
  • Request and reconcile cash advances for the Missions and Outreach Director.
  • Submit requisitions for checks for the Missions and Outreach Director.
  • Ordering signage, giveaways, banners, supplies, and SERVE t-shirts for Central Outreaches with the Creative Department via Graphics and Marketing request.
  • Ordering with Outside Vendors
  • Create and Manage signups in RockRMS for Central Outreaches. 
  • Schedule Meetings for the Outreach & Missions Director with Site Outreach Directors communicating via #GroupMe. 
  • Order supplies either with REACH Pastor’s credit card or Site Pastor’s credit card, depending on cost and guidance from Pastors.
  • Update the Manna ASANA calendar with all Central Outreaches to provide information for the “What’s Happening” spreadsheet.
  • Assist Site Outreach Directors as needed for Site-specific Outreaches.
  • Manage outreach@manna.church email.  Return all communications within 24 hours (1 business day) and forward any emails to the Reach Pastor, Missions Director and or Site Outreach Director (s) as appropriate.
  • Manage and Report Gospel Touch forms to Sites and the Missions and Outreach Directors.
  • Assist in the logistics of Small Groups requested Outreaches via “Plan Your Outreach” form. Ordering supplies, check requests
  • Work closely with Outreach & Missions Director and Cliffdale Outreach Director to ensure project deadlines are met for Outreach “Major events”
  • Assist with weekend promotion for  Outreach “Major events” at the Cliffdale Site. 
  • Attend  Outreach “Major events” on weekends, including Small Group Sundays
  • Amazon Business ordering for Sites and  Outreach “Major events” 
  • Maintain the Outreach Fund Code RealTime Budget and update from the monthly Posting Journals. Monitor the Manna Outreach budget, track spending, and report the budget status quarterly or as needed.
  • Assist in Quarterly Manna Kids Outreaches.
  • Assist with administrative operation of Short Term Mission(STM) Operations, to include: Monthly Stripe Report, Quarterly Ministry Partner Engagement, and STM Team Leader assistance as needed.
  • Work in the receptionist lunch rotation. 


 Required Meetings

  • Staff Chapel 
  • All Staff Meetings 
  • Administrative Assistants Monthly Meetings
  • Staff Mentoring as directed 


Key software requirements:

  • Google Mail/Apps/Docs
  • Asana
  • Canva
  • Verify
  • MS Office
  • Allworx Phone and System
  • Paylocity

Job Details