Coins For Children

Every day, children are exploited for sex
in a multi-billion dollar world-wide industry.

What is it?

Coins for Children (C4C) blossomed out of the heart of Senior Pastor Michael Fletcher. It is a ministry of Manna Church in Fayetteville, NC. C4C was sparked from a sermon series on service to the community. Aiming to get the ordinary person involved in the battle against human trafficking, It provides a medium for concerned citizens to fight against the horror of sex trafficking without risking personal danger.

How does it work?

All you have to do is collect your loose change, convert it to cash or a check and turn it in to the sponsoring agency (church, school, business etc) or you can go to the PayPal section of this website and donate on line using your credit card. Some groups have also gone to local schools and businesses and placed collection jars (always ask permission first).

Who does the money go to?

Currently we partner with two organizations on the front lines of the fight against human trafficking. They are Reaching Unreached Nations (RUN) and Five Sparrows.

Every day, children are exploited for sex in a multi-billion dollar world-wide industry. We cannot sit by and know that 2 million children a year a sold into bondage and, many, into sexual slavery. Coins for Children is a ministry of Manna Church to raise funds to support ministries who deal with this problem - head on. By focusing on the demand - catching and arresting those who perpetrate these heinous acts - we aim to fulfill the command of Proverbs 24:11 - "Rescue those who are staggering towards death."

Our Partners


EMPOWER has chosen to fund a bold, new approach, one that addresses the demand side of child sex trafficking by targeting buyers/predators for prosecution and conviction. While over 260 organizations are currently focused on rescuing children, until the demand side is addressed, the supply will always exist.

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RUN Ministries

RUN, headed by Eric Watt, is based in Virginia. RUN focuses its anti-human trafficking efforts in and around Nepal where they rescue slaves and rehabilitate them in safe houses and teach them a trade they can make a living from. It costs roughly $30 to purchase a slave in Nepal, the same price as a goat.

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