Welcome to the Reach Out Celebration

Every. It is an ambiguous word that elicits no real emotion. However, when one thinks of the heart of God and His delight in His diverse creation, and His ultimate plan to redeem for Himself a collection of people from Every tribe and Every language and Every people and Every nation, one cannot help but wonder at the majesty of God and the joy He takes in the word Every. The world weeps, waiting for the One Who is worthy to open the scroll. But the Church knows that Jesus has triumphed and is worthy to open the scroll to present to God a people from Every!

The Reach Out Celebration (ROC) is the culminating event of a three-week sermon series. We will look back to see how God has used Manna Church in the past year to redeem people from Every. Then, we will look forward at God’s plan to continue multiplying His work as we advance His Kingdom, to win for Christ the reward of His suffering among Every.

Wednesday or Thursday • November 7th & 8th
November 7 or November 8
ROC Kickoff Night (Identical services — pick one!)
Cliffdale Site | 6:30PM

Our first ROC event is the Kickoff Night. We will celebrate God through worship, drama, the Word, ministry partners, and more! This year, the keynote speaker will be our very own Pastor Michael Fletcher. Don’t miss it!

Childcare through age 11.
Friday • November 9th
November 9
The Night We Can’t Record
Cliffdale Site | 6:30PM

There are so many things we wish we could say during a regular service but can’t! During this one-time event, we will lay out for you the special and undercover ways in which ministry is done. Our guests include RUN Ministries Founder and President, Eric Watt, the 5 Sparrows anti-human trafficking team, and American Bible Society Director, Charles Lambert. Make sure you are there, because these ministry operations will not be explained again, and this night WON’T be recorded!

Childcare available through age 11.
Saturday • November 10th
November 10
The World’s Fair
Cliffdale Site | 6:30PM

The World’s Fair is back with booths, games, food, fun, prizes, and lots of opportunities to meet our ministry partners! Come and go as you please. Visit all our ministry partners for the chance to win a FULL scholarship to participate in a Short-Term Mission Trip!

This is a family-friendly event, and we encourage the whole family to participate together!

Childcare through age 5.
Sunday • November 11th
November 11
ROC Offering Sunday
All Sites | Regular Service Times

ROC Offering Sunday is IT! It’s the time we come together and give to the ROC Offering to participate in multiplying God’s Kingdom in EVERY tribe, EVERY tongue, EVERY people, and EVERY nation. Check out the ROC Offering Budget on pages 18-21 of the ROC Booklet and then pray about what God would have you give to the offering this year.
Sunday Evening • November 11th
November 11
ROC Finale Service & After Party
Cliffdale Site | 6:30PM

The Finale Service is one of the most exciting ROC events! We will announce the ROC Offering pledge total, celebrate what God has done, and then finish with an after party including cupcakes, DJ, photo booth, and more!

This is a family-friendly event, and we encourage the whole family to participate together!

Childcare through age 5.

ROC Offering Budget

Local Multiplication

Dream Center90,000.00
5 Sparrows5,000.00
Fayetteville Area Sites Outreaches124,155.00
Neighborhood Outreaches6,000.00
Holiday Outreaches29,220.00
theExperience Scholarships7,090.00
Grace College of Divinity10,000.00

Regional Multiplication

Multiply Site100,000.00
ARC Church Planting25,000.00
City Sites Development25,000.00

International Multiplication

Albania Church Planting3,000.00
Bhutan Church Planting5,000.00
Brazil Church Planting5,000.00
China Leadership Training12,000.00
Honduras Church Planting5,000.00
Middle East Church Planting30,000.00
Philippines Evangelism Meetings2,500.00
Thailand Medical Missions5,000.00

Short-Term Trips

Albania - Aromania UUPG6,500.00
Brazil - Amerindians UUPGs6,500.00
Bhutan - UUPGs6,000.00
Costa Rica - Church Planting5,500.00
Cuba - Leader Training2,000.00
Italy - Refugees8,000.00
Nepal - Church Planting8,000.00
Thailand - Evangelistic Medical Clinics - Hui Panthay UUPG5,000.00
Thailand - Evangelistic Medical Clinics - Thai People6,500.00
Grand Total$577,465.00