Men of Preparation


Group Details:

Meeting Day(s) Tuesday
FrequencyWeeks 1 & 3
LocationContact leader for location information
Group LeaderDavid Durfee

Though God promises to never leave us nor forsake, we know that in this life we will face trials and tribulation. Although we live in uncertain times, the likelihood of an economic collapse or a grid-down scenario is less likely than a vehicle breakdown or medical emergency. Regardless of what life may bring our way, as men, we want to be prepared for anything. This group focuses on adopting the mindset of self-reliance. Our desire as Christians is to be a blessing to our families, friends, and neighbors when the need arises. We should not have to wait for help to arrive if we, ourselves, are equipped and prepared. In a bad scenario, we do want to be a victim or a burden, we want to survive and thrive. Every meeting we will focus on spiritual truths to help guard our hearts and minds regardless of our circumstances or what is happening around us. We will also explore topics such as bugging out, sheltering in place, land navigation, outdoor survival, self-defense, finances, food and water storage, survival gear, and more. Please join us as we fellowship, share experiences, and learn how to be men of preparation.

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