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Life-change is happening every day at Manna Church!

Emma Brown Story

During the 2014 Reach Out Celebration, Emma gave her entire savings—even though she urgently needed a new car. Over the next year, God provided in incredible ways!

Chick-Fil-A Story

Even a small gift can have a big impact. Manna Church is showing the love of God to our city everywhere—including the drive-through at Chick-fil-a.

Riley Halliday Story

After a long struggle with sexual addiction, Riley’s marriage was in trouble, and he felt unusable. But he learned that God can turn anything to a good purpose.

Cook Family Story

A nasty breakup, a surprise pregnancy, and military deployments—Alex and Megan’s relationship seemed bound for failure. But when they came to Manna, God began to do something amazing with their family.

Witness to Fitness Life Change Story

Renee experiences renewal of health and joy as part of a unique Small Group.

Matt Newgent Story

When Matt was challenged to grow as a leader and father, he stepped up to lead a Small Group for the first time.

Hope Mills Small Group

A Small Group at our Hope Mills site is building friendships and spiritual bonds, one meal at a time.

Sibyl’s Testimony

After suffering two heartbreaking miscarriages, Sibyl felt unloved by God. But in the following months, He showed her that that was far from true.

Max & Jennifer Rich

Max had fought a losing battle with pornography for over 40 years. Then he joined a Small Group named Called2Conquer…

SERVE Team Story

Love God, love each other, love the world—Dave, Sue, and their VIP Team are on a mission.

Sean’s Testimony

After the loss of his wife, Sean decided it was time to step up his commitment to the church body and began his journey through the Growth Track—toward a new calling he never expected.

Embracing Zeke

When John and Ellisa’s son Zeke was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, the situation was more than they could handle alone. That’s where the Very Important Kids Team stepped in.
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